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Tai Chi Chuan is a low impact non-aerobic exercise, health and meditation routine developed from the Chinese martial arts. 

 It can be practiced at many levels and will benefit many people, including: complete beginners of all ages and fitness levels, practitioners other martial arts, and people who want a good way to get back or improve their overall muscle tone and balance.  

Practice of Tai Chi has been shown to reduce the frequency and severity of injuries due to falls in later years.  It is often recommended for therapy and prevention of arthritis and is used by Chinese physicians to assist in rehabilitation of injuries and to treat a variety of ailments. 

 It can also be used as a stress reducing meditation. 

The Simplified 24 Form (Yang Style) taught in these classes is one of the most common forms of Tai Chi Chuan taught in the world today.  The slow, precise and deliberate movements emphasize balance and control.

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Tai Chi Lower Movement

Fair Maid Working at Shuttles Simplified 24 Forms

Grasp the Swallow's Tail, Tai Chi Movements

Golden Cock Stands on One Leg (Yang Tai Chi)

Waving Hands Like Clouds


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